Odoo Case Study (Trading Company)

learning by Practicing

Elsaka is egyptaion company, it is stablished @2018, they are importing 2 brands of Camera (HIK & EAZYVIZ)They have a sales team for every brand, also they have 2 warehouses, and every warehouse has a seprate room for every brand, They want to implement Odoo @Jan 2022

1- Every sales man see his customers & quotations

2- They have 3 pricelists (0% & 10% & 20% discount)

3- Sales persons cant's change the price from quotation, also has a limit of discount till 5 for pricelist 1, and 15% for pricelist 2 , and 25 % for pricelist 3

4- Specific person how can see cost of product,

5- Needing to track cameras with serial number

6- Every housekeeper see only his warehouse

7- There is additional cost for the incoming shipment should be added to the cost of item

8- There are other local vendors for supplying HDDs

9- The currency of external vendor is USD and for the local vendor is EGP

10- Invoicing policy is based on ordered for purchasing and based on delivery for selling items

Needing Reports

1- Profit/ lost per Customer group or  customer and per product category or product.

2- Sales Quantity per sales team and persons

3- Best product sale (QTY)

4- cash amount inside company,

5- Lability (Payable)

6- Opening Customer Invoices

You can assume number of products, prices, customers, sales persons to show the case....etc