Odoo Functional Training

Eng.Ahmed Elsaka

CRM / Sales




Point Of Sales








Human Resource


Project Managment


Website Builder



Introduction & CRM

Ø Introduction
Ø Discuss & Users
Ø Register Sales leads
Ø Convert Leads To Opportunities
Ø Assign your Sales Activities to Several Sales Teams


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Sales Management

ØCreate your First Quotation in a Few Seconds! 

ØBuild an Online Quotation 

ØPush your Customers to Sign thanks to Discounts. ØStructure your Quotations with Sections 

ØReward your Loyal Customers with Automatic Discounts & Using Foreign Currencies 

ØGive Portal Access Rights to your Customers 

ØSales Reporting & Analysis     

Point Of Sale

ØOdoo POS Configuration 

ØSell your Product. 

ØCreate Invoice, Refund, and Applying Discount. 

ØCash Control. 


ØTake many In and Out of Cash Control 

ØAnalyze Your Sales. 

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Purchase Module

ØSending request for quotation to your supplier 

ØForce two levels of approvals 

ØManaging Call of Bids 

ØManage pricelist per supplier

 ØPurchase Order & Invoicing Control      


Ø Creating Chart of Account
Ø Configuring & Creating Journals
Ø Opening Fiscal Year
Ø Invoice and Journal Sequence
Ø Create Customer Invoice
Ø Invoice Refund Options
Ø Customer Payment
Ø Create Supplier Invoice
Ø Bank Statement &Statement Operation Templets
Ø Managing Mutli-Currecies
Ø Managing Fixed Assets
Ø Creating Analytical Accounts
Ø Budget Management
Ø Tax Management
Ø Deferred Revenue
Ø Payment Terms
Ø Close A fiscal Year

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ØMake an Inventory

ØDelivering the products

ØReceiving the products (1 Step)

ØReceiving the products (2 Steps)

ØReceiving the products (3 Steps) (Quality Control)

ØDelivering the products (2 Steps)

ØDelivering the products (3 Steps)


ØTrack Lots/ Serial Numbers/ Packaging

ØLast Input First Output

ØLast In First Out

ØFirst Expiry First Out

ØLanded Cost & Costing Ways

ØInternal Transfer

ØReordering Point


ØBill of material

ØRouting ØWorkcenter

ØManufacturing Order

ØMaster Production Plan




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Website / eCommerce

ØBuild your First Pages

ØChoose your Preferred Website Theme

ØPromote your Website

ØTranslate your Website in Foreign Languages

ØCommunicate in Real Time with your Website’s Audience

Ø Ø ØPublish your First Product through a Beautiful Page

ØSet Product Attributes and Manage Variants

ØCheckout feature

ØFine Product Catalog

ØShow Integration e-Commerce Platform with Paypal

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Human Resource

ØEmployee Profile






Project Managament

ØCreate Project 

ØCreate task / Subtasks 

ØLog your Work Activities on Tasks. 

ØCreate task from Sales Order 

ØDifferent tasks views 

ØForcasting ØManage Issues on Projects      


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